THE NEW KIND OF ART! builds a bridge between PHY sian and di GITAL (PHYGITAL) art. We are proud to have won Hannes Schmid, one of the most renowned photographers in the world, for a joint project. We look forward to presenting more projects with exciting artists to you soon!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are NFTs?

A Non-Fungible Token (NFT) is a type of cryptographic asset that is unique and used to create and authenticate ownership of digital assets. This includes digital images such as this art print by Hannes Schmid, but also music, film and video clips, postcards, trading cards and virtual real estate. Accordingly, the NFT area is not just limited to images, but can be much more, such as: additional digital information, additional functions, tickets for events and so on. NFTs are digital assets that are unique and limited and therefore cannot be exchanged. NFTs provide a secure record backed by a unique identification code stored on the blockchain. The uniqueness of NFTs makes them non-fungible (non-substitutable). Also, NFTs are immutable. NFTs cannot be modified once they have been encoded using blockchain technology. The originality and legitimacy of the item is confirmed by the blockchain on which the NFT is stored.

Questions about the Blackstage Art Box

What exactly does the Blackstage box contain for the price of 1,500 francs?

With the purchase of one of 150 limited Blackstage boxes, you will receive an exclusive collection with five high-quality art prints of the rock stars Freddie Mercury, Phil Collins, Peter Allen, David Lee Roth and Mick Jagger from the Hannes Schmid Blackstage series. In addition, you will receive an NFT with five digital images of the rock stars as well as additional background information and the opportunity to purchase exclusive, high-quality art prints of the various rock stars in various formats and in very limited editions.

I'm a big Freddie Mercury fan. Can I order just the Freddie Mercury trigger?

Unfortunately this is not possible. The limited edition of 150 of the exclusive Hannes Schmid box is only sold as a whole with all five art prints. However, the NFT acquired with the purchase offers you the exclusive opportunity to acquire a very limited edition of Art Prints of your favorite artist such as Freddie Mercury in different formats.

Can I use the NFT I have purchased for my company's digital campaign?

No, the use of the Hannes Schmid NFT collection for advertising purposes and marketing measures is generally not permitted without the consent of Hannes Schmid GmbH.

Blockchain Trust Solutions AG is available at any time for the implementation of blockchain-based projects (NFTs, tokenization, access to the metaverse, tokengated communities, integration of wallets, etc.).

Who or what guarantees the authenticity of these images in the Blackstage box?

Thanks to the NFT linked to the physical images, the authenticity of the images can be guaranteed. The process of mapping real-world images to an NFT creates a digital representation of the artwork. This digital image contains a smart contract, i.e. an intelligent, largely self-managing contract. This contract specifies which rights and obligations are associated with the value and to whom these are transferred. Blockchain technology serves as the basis. NFTs create the possibility of tamper-proof and digital proof of the origin of a value, in this case the five images of the Blackstage Edition.

What opportunities do I get when I purchase a Blackstage box?

By purchasing a limited Blackstage Box and the associated NFT, you have the opportunity to purchase high-quality art prints by the individual artists in different sizes. The following formats of the art prints are offered in the specified edition:

Format edition price

40 x 60 cm series of 25 (1-25) CHF 4'800 excl. VAT

60 x 90 cm series of 15 (1-15) CHF 15'000 excl. VAT

80 x120 cm series of 10 (1-10) CHF 24'000 excl. VAT

100 x150 cm series of 7 (1-7) CHF 35'000 excl. VAT

150 x 225 cm series of 3 (1-3) CHF 50'000 excl. VAT

The edition is 150 boxes, but the edition of the large-format pictures is significantly smaller. This doesn't seem to work?

The number of art prints per artist and format is limited. If the respective series is sold out, the possibility of purchasing the format expires. If the demand is greater than the supply per series, the Art Prints will be allocated to the buyers based on the time of their order, true to the first-come-first-serve principle.

Can I also order a larger print of the Rockstars without purchasing a Blackstage box?

No, this is impossible. Purchasing one of the 150 limited series of Blackstage boxes with an associated NFT is a necessary requirement to be able to order a larger print.

I would like a specific number of the series. Can I dial the number freely?

If this number of the edition still exists, it can be freely selected. The “first come, first serve” principle also applies here.

Can I trade and sell the NFTs independently of the physical Blackstage box and photo prints?

In principle, this is possible. In addition, the new owner also has the option of obtaining a large-format physical photograph, provided these are still available or are offered in the sales channel.

Is there a market for these Hannes Schmid NFTs?

In recent years, a very large market for art NFTs has developed. This is also shown, for example, by the presence of NFTs at international art fairs such as ART BASEL. Furthermore, there are currently a large number of online trading platforms that specialize in trading with art NFTs. Thus, the Hannes-Schmid-NFTs are also offered a marketplace to trade.

Can I give my box to someone else, either as a gift or by selling it?

That's fine. As a rule, the third party creates a wallet and the NFT can then be transferred from wallet to wallet. In this way, possession and ownership are correctly represented.

OR the scratch field of the respective card belonging to the picture has not yet been scratched off, then this card can be passed on without any problems.

Can I resell or transfer my opportunity to acquire a large format photograph to someone else?

No, this is impossible.

How long will this opportunity to purchase a large format photograph remain valid?

The possibility of purchasing the format expires as soon as the respective format is sold out. Furthermore, the option expires at the latest after all physical prints have been sold or the offer is no longer published in the sales channel and is no longer available in the shop.

What happens if I lose my digital key? Will I get a new digital key?

No, if you lose the key you will not get a new one.

I lost my mobile phone and with it all my NFTs. How can I download them back to my new phone?

The loss of the NFTs is irrevocable.

Questions about the ordering process

How does the purchase of a large print work

Every Blackstage NFT owner has the opportunity to purchase large prints of the images by scanning the QR code sent with them (card in the box). A plausibility check of the wallet addresses is then used to check whether the buyer is entitled.

How can I resell the NFT?

The NFTs can be sold individually or in combination with the physical prints

The sale between the parties takes place offline or via an NFT marketplace. When trading offline, the "scratch-off field" on the card (private key) must still be locked.

When and where can the Blackstage Box be bought?

The boxes are expected to be available from April 7th, 2023, 12 p.m. on the following website:

Is there a limit for the Blackstage boxes?

The Hannes Schmid Blackstage Boxewn are limited to 150 pieces.

Can I exchange or return the Blackstagebox?

An exchange or return is not possible.

Do I need a digital wallet?

Theoretically no. The blackstage box acts as a "paper wallet" - the digital token is therefore integrated in the physical print and you can keep the print in paper form as a collector's item.

Alternatively, you can verify which digital version you have purchased and use that information to resell/trade the Blackstage box and/or entitlement to a large print. You don't need a digital wallet for this either.

For trading on NFT platforms, we currently recommend that you import the paper wallet as a new account in your wallet app.

If you want to create the digital prints in your digital wallet, you can transfer the NFT to your digital wallet.

What is a wallet and how do I create one?

A blockchain wallet is the digital equivalent of your physical wallet. You can store cryptocurrencies and other digital assets, such as coins, in it. B. NFTs, store and manage. Wallets are typically available as browser extensions or as desktop and mobile apps. Below is a link for instructions on how to create a wallet:

You will receive video instructions after scanning the QR code that was sent with you.

Which wallets work for the Blackstage boxes?

The following wallets work for the NFTs of the Blackstage boxes:

We recommend MetaMask as we have had the best experience with this wallet.

What is the risk when buying a Blackstage Box?

The biggest risk is losing the private key for the digital token (the NFT). In this case, the NFT is "lost" forever and cannot be passed on by anyone.

On the Internet there are many who cheat and e.g. B. In case of problems with a digital wallet, try to extract your private key in order to steal the contents of the wallet. Therefore, under no circumstances should you share your private key with anyone.

When transferring NFTs to other wallets, always make sure the destination address is correct (e.g. by scanning a QR code). Otherwise, you risk the NFTs being irretrievably transferred to an unknown address.

Which blockchain is used?

These NFTs are minted on the popular Ethereum blockchain.

Do I need cryptocurrency to buy?

No, see next question.

Which payment methods are accepted?

You can pay by credit card, PayPal, Sofort, Giropay or Klarna.

What does "KYC" mean and is it required in my country?

KYC (Know Your Customer) is a standardized procedure for financial products that ensures the verification of a customer's identity. In order to prevent illegal actions, we are obliged to go through the KYC process. KYC is also a legal requirement in many countries.

Will I get an invoice?

After successful payment, you will receive your payment receipts by email.

My question is not listed. Who can I contact for more information?

If you have any further questions, please contact

With which partner did Hannes Schmid set up the technical solution?

The technical solution was set up with Blockchain Trust Solutions AG in Herisau.

What is an NFT marketplace?

NFT marketplaces allow users and collectors to buy and sell NFTs. After connecting your wallet to the marketplace, you can buy, bid, or sell a wide variety of NFTs. NFT marketplaces are also known as secondary markets. The most popular NFT marketplace is Opensea.

Safety first!

1. Never share your private keys or wallet seed phrase with anyone.

2. Use only the links posted on this page and avoid any other links that may be sent to you.

3. Only connect your wallet to the official Hannes Schmid NFT website.

4. Neither Hannes Schmid, Smiling Gecko or Blockchain Trust Solutions AG nor any other partner will ever contact you via DM to offer you any kind of support.

5. Make sure you only buy digital collectibles from the official collection.

6. Do not trust any other communication channels except this official website or official Twitter account.