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IBU Biathlon World Championships 2025 & Blockchain Trust Solutions AG

Niklas Hartweg Phygital Original Portrait

Niklas Hartweg Phygital Original Portrait

Niklas Hartwegs limitierte Portrait-Auflage Original Portrait

Jedes Physische Portrait ist an ein NFT gebunden (digitaler Zwilling). Des Weiteren erwarten jeden Käufer spannende Mehrwerte!

Standardversand innerhalb 10 Tagen

Signiert und nummeriert von Niklas Hartweg
600 dpi Digitaldruck

Papier: Bristol Hochweiss (180g)
Grösse 297 mm x 420 mm

Edition: 0

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Exclusive opportunity to purchase a large print of the images

Acquired with the exclusive Blackstage box from Hannes Schmid, which is limited to 150 pieces
the buyer at the same time with each NFT per Art Print die
Possibility of one or more exclusive large format prints of the rock stars
to order. The principle of "first come, first serve" applies.

Each of the five rock star art prints contained in the box are exclusive
large-format prints in the following series sizes to choose from:

Format - Series - Price

40 x 60 cm series of 25 (1-25) CHF 4'800 excl. VAT

60 x 90 cm series of 1 (1-15) CHF 15'000 excl. VAT

80 x 120 cm series of 10 (1-10) CHF 4'000 excl. VAT

100 x 150 cm series of 7 (1-7) CHF 35'000 excl. VAT

150 x 225 cm series of 3 (1-3) CHF 50'000 excl. VAT

If an edition is sold out, the option to order an exclusive large-format art print purchased with the purchase of the Blackstage box also expires.

Exclusive Meet & Greet:

Each of the 150 first-time buyers will be invited to an exclusive event with hannes Schmid in Zurich.

Exclusive content

Every buyer of a box gets access to an exclusive interview with Hannes Schmid, in which he tells a story about each of the five pictures.